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Memorial Films

Memorial Tributes

We all want the very best for our loved ones and when the time comes to say goodbye, a short film filled with pictures of special occasions, happy memories and favourite moments with family and friends can provide a heart-warming, personal tribute at their funeral or memorial.

Using your photographs and any available moving footage, Powerhouse videos will scan and mix them in our professional edit suite to produce a high quality short film that can be presented on a large screen at the service and then shared as a lasting keepsake.

Your film will normally be no more than 6 minutes long and include photos, moving footage and music, themed and set according to your wishes.

The process

You may want to approach us directly or ask for our service through your funeral director. Where possible we will come to collect your photographs/videos and discuss how you would like your loved one’s story to be told. We can feature their favourite music*, poetry or a saying. We’ll digitise and enhance your photographs for screen use, before returning them safely to you.

The memorial film will be professionally cut with your choice of music* and forwarded to you for approval, before completion. Any required alterations will be made free of charge. A copy of the approved film will then be forwarded to you and your funeral director in the requested format. 

*Copyright Notices

Your memorial tribute film can be played at the funeral and the requirement for licencing has been waived. Any recorded music being played when there is an audience entirely comprised of friends and/or family (such as a funeral) does not require a Public Performance licence (PPL)

In order to provide distributed copies, a Limited Manufacture licence will be required. Please note that copyright music will require a blanket distribution licence if you are planning to distribute to your family via DVD or USB. We can provide this for you at a reasonable cost. Alternatively we can supply suitable royalty-free music with no need for a licence.

Performing rights Society (PRS) for Music operates a joint licence with PPL for distribution of DVD or other material relating to the tribute video. The Limited Manufacture licence is based on the amount of music per CD/DVD and the number of copies produced.  Costs are minimal are the current pricing are included on our pricing pages.