Wedding Videography - Common Questions.

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How do I book?

How long will my film be?

Will you capture everything?

Do you hold insurance?

Is it possible to remove some of the full package to reduce the price?

How soon after the wedding will I get my film?

Do I have to provide the videographer with a meal?

Can you see samples of your work?

Can you work with a photographer?

What is your cheapest Package

There are bolt on's to your lowest package what are they?

What is your most expensive package?

What is generally included in all packages?

How is my film delivered?

Do you have a formal contract?

There are aspects of filming that I feel uncomfortable with how do you deal with that?

What is the most complete package cost?

What is your lowest priced package?

I want to use a popular chart song in my film is this allowed?

Do you have a COVID guarantee?